Innovative companies work together in The New Farm on tomorrow's food challenges and Smart Urban Food Solutions. The building has been specially adapted to meet all the specific requirements of vertical urban farming.

3 ecological zones

In addition to the state-of-the-art LivingLab, there is a high-tech zone where companies collaborate on new technologies, cultivation techniques, robotics and circular approaches. The farm zone is where Smart Urban Food Solutions are put into practice. Could this be the place for you?


Companies and knowledge institutions work together in the LivingLab to develop, test and implement Smart Urban Food Solutions. They apply their innovations in a specially designed part of the LivingLab, which includes a cell almost 10-metres high on the fourth floor and (partly open ceiling to) fifth floor. The LivingLab regularly attracts international visitors and delegations.

High-tech companies

The Netherlands is an international frontrunner in the field of modern horticulture. On the fifth floor, large and small enterprises work together on new technologies and solutions for food cultivation, energy and the circular economy. This is where they present their innovations to a wider audience, including investors and knowledge institutions. It is also where they help to secure the Netherlands’ position as a global leader in vertical urban farming.

Small-scale production

The farm zone on the fourth floor offers forward-thinking companies the opportunity to carry out vertical urban farming. This may involve seaweed farming, cultivating mushrooms and insects or growing algae and cress. As the facility is indoors, there are no external influences: production is completely controllable and the growers can accurately differentiate between flavours, colours and nutrients.

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