Retail & Restaurants

Eating at The New Farm is all about coming together to enjoy the food cultivated here, from lettuce grown under LED lights in the Leafy Green Machine to tilapia fillet, courtesy of the fish farm on the top floor.

Where cultivation, preparation
and consumption come together

Guests and visitors can experience how the produce and products are grown, harvested, packaged and prepared. This is urban agriculture in its purest form, where cultivation, preparation and consumption come together.

Market hall and restaurants

On the ground floor of The New Farm, there is room for a market hall and several restaurants, which offer the produce and products grown in the building. There is also space for a large outdoor seating area available on the Fruitweg.

Essential component

By providing a vital link between food producers in the building and the consumer, the market hall and restaurants are an essential component of The New Farm and its success.

Passionate entrepreneurs wanted

We are looking for innovative entrepreneurs with a green heart to operate the retail and catering concepts in The New Farm. If you have brilliant ideas about sustainable production, preparation and consumption, we'd love to hear from you.

Think Vertical

Become a
New Farm Citizen

Do the words 'vertical urban farming' inspire a fountain of innovative ideas? Are you one of those vertical thinkers who will transform The Hague into the Silicon Valley of urban farming? If this is the case, do not hesitate to contact us. We also invite you to get in touch if you want to visit The New Farm to find out more about vertical urban farming or if you are organising an event and are looking for an inspiring location.

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