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Through our website and social media channels of The New Farm you might have been introduced to the LivingLab. So what exactly is the LivingLab in The New Farm?


The Living Lab is a centre of innovation and expertise for indoor urban farming. Together we research and develop new cultivation techniques and look at the position of these new techniques within our future cities. In the LivingLab we develop smart Urban Food Solutions based on three verticals.


1. Sustainable Food Production
In this vertical we would like to research some of the following questions: How do we produce our food more sustainably? How do we measure this? How can we produce our food more locally? Solutions emerge from the entire value chain and are in collaboration with cross-industry partners new business models and prototypes are created. Lessening food waste is one of the assumptions for The New Farm. Concluding, the LivingLab is a showcase for circular applications to waste, water and energy.


2. Future Food, Health and Education
The research questions in this vertical are about; what will are future food look like? Health is directly related to our eating pattern. Do we continue producing todays crops or do we refocus on specific characteristics and do we consider to see vegetables as a medicine. How do we turn vegetables and health in something hot and sexy? Education is of massive importance to establish this, according to the team. The role of The New farm in the surrounding suburbs can be decisive and collaboration with schools is a must. Solid ideas are being developed into subjects relevant to education. These subjects can be integrated in the relevant school programs.


3. Smart Urban (Food), Urban Planning and Architecture
This vertical provides us with a wider perspective in relation to producing food for our developing cities continuously growing smarter. Here, we cogitate the entire value chain from urban planning to food production and from logistics, retail and distribution to, finally, the consumer. Additionally, we accommodate to present international showcases in collaboration with other cities.


November 14, 2017|livinglab, the new farm, 

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