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Groe(n)ten van de Buren review

Tomatoes can be grown in an urban greenhouse or in a country greenhouse in Westland. But are there any differences?


Together with Tomatoworld, we recently provided visitors with the answer on Saturday the 14th of October. At our event ‘Groe(n)ten van de Buren’ (greetings/vegetables by the neighbours) 60 attendants were taken on an adventure trip, tasting and touring at Urban Farmers, Tomatoworld and HaagseZwam. The visitors could decide for themselves what the differences were between city and countryside.


Groe(n)ten van de Buren was a big hit and we would like to organise one again. Keep an eye on our website for upcoming events and excursions.


Groe(n)ten van de Buren is organised in cooperation with:
Gemeente Den Haag, Gemeente Westland, Rabobank Westland.

November 15, 2017|the new farm, Urban farming, 

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