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Interview with Arturo Escaroz

Arturo is a specialist on bio systems engineer and got his masters degree from the university of Wageningen. Arturo has been involved in research and managing a LED farm at The New Farm.

Arturo is excited and starts telling me about his interest in agriculture when I ask him to tell me more about himself.  This interest motivated him to move from the deep warm south of Mexico, he smiles when telling me temperatures can rise up to 43 degrees Celsius in summer, to the Netherlands with its cold climate. Arturo (30) and his wife both moved to the Netherlands to complete a master’s degree at the University of Wageningen. Arturo completed the program for Bio Systems Engineering and contributed significantly to the introduction of The Leafy Green Machine (LGM) into the European Market.

Arturo smiles again when he elaborates on the story about the truck driver who had no idea about the cargo he was moving around The Hague. He explains the truck drivers surprise after showing him the container on the inside. He didn’t think something like this existed. It’s a mind set issue Arturo reckons.

When Arturo continues about his hometown in Mexico he explains it used to be a agricultural area, majorly. In the last decennia, however, people moved to the cities for work and the typical culture for agricultural towns got lost. Today, however, youngsters are showing new interest in food production and sustainability, like Arturo. He is fascinated by the engineering of plants and animals and wants to understand their relationship with their environment. He loves to study these properties and relationships in controlled environments.

I ask Arturo what he really likes about The New Farm. Again, he gets exited and starts telling me all the innovative solutions we work on in The New Farm to tackle the world’s challenges. ‘Everyone is so innovative here’ he explains, ‘and there is always an opportunity for testing new prototypes’. Arturo continues, ‘when people come to The New Farm they get exited about all the concepts in one building, a greenhouse, a farm in a container, an oyster-mushroom farm, there is no other place like this’. He continues his plea about the integration of technologies, systems and all this knowledge available on one spot. Furthermore, The New Farm is a fantastic spot for start-ups, businesses that have a proof of concept already or businesses that want to grow their business and network further. Many activities and events are happening in The New Farm and we get a lot of visitors from different countries, sectors and industries.

At last, I ask Arturo if he would like to add anything more to the interview. He thinks for a moment and says he would like to invite entrepreneurs, students and investors and to have a look in The New Farm to see what we have on offer and to cooperate with us.

Thanks Arturo, I have nothing to add to that.

March 1, 2018|

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