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The latest news in the field of vertical urban farming, including the various new technologies and applications that The New Farm’s vertical thinkers are working on, as well as upcoming events and Pecha Kucha sessions for sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas.

Think Vertical

Rent your workspace

   Are you a start-up and frontrunner in the Horti-Tech sector? Are you in the proof-of-concept phase or testing your business model already? Get out of the attic or basement. Prototyping is more f

Interview with Peter de Groot

Peter de Groot, program developer at The New Farm, was interviewed by The Hague’s ImpactCity community recently. “The New Farm is a bold and beautiful effort at large-scale city farming that is

De Gezonde Bustour

On February 5th, De Gezonde Bustour by #GreenportWest was brought to a close at #TheNewFarmNLDenHaag. What a beautiful, educational location to get acquainted to horticulture. Including guests from th

Future of Food Session & Student Hackathon

Future of Food Session This afternoon (February 20th) we hosted an inspirational session on the future of food at the #HSS innovation playground. Valuable insights were shared by #WorldStartupFactory,

Foodstars Acquaintance Day

On the 30th of January we hosted the Foodstars- acquaintance day at The New Farm. 12 food and Horti tech related start ups came and present themselves. Their goal is to claim a spot in the Foodstars a

Interview with Arturo Escaroz

Arturo is a specialist on bio systems engineer and got his masters degree from the university of Wageningen. Arturo has been involved in research and managing a LED farm at The New Farm. Arturo is

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