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The latest news in the field of vertical urban farming, including the various new technologies and applications that The New Farm’s vertical thinkers are working on, as well as upcoming events and Pecha Kucha sessions for sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas.

Think Vertical

Rent your workspace

   Are you a start-up and frontrunner in the Horti-Tech sector? Are you in the proof-of-concept phase or testing your business model already? Get out of the attic or basement. Prototyping is more f

Groe(n)ten van de Buren review

Tomatoes can be grown in an urban greenhouse or in a country greenhouse in Westland. But are there any differences?   Together with Tomatoworld, we recently provided visitors with the answer on


Through our website and social media channels of The New Farm you might have been introduced to the LivingLab. So what exactly is the LivingLab in The New Farm? The Living Lab is a centre of innovati

The new building

The aesthetic appeal and the overall ambience of The New Farm building are to be transformed as the first and ground floors undergo an extensive refurbishment. Most of the works will take place in the

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