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The latest news in the field of vertical urban farming, including the various new technologies and applications that The New Farm’s vertical thinkers are working on, as well as upcoming events and Pecha Kucha sessions for sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas.

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Welcome @TNF Fungalogic!

Interview with Marc Postel, co-owner of the start-up Fungalogic. By: Peter de GrootAt Fungalogic, we believe nature holds the key to a sustainable building industry. We aim to turn a very wasteful se

Interview with Peter de Groot

Peter de Groot, program developer at The New Farm, was interviewed by The Hague’s ImpactCity community recently. “The New Farm is a bold and beautiful effort at large-scale city farming that is

ERIAFF Conference

Agriculture and horticulture offer the solutions for the tomorrow’s challenges: sufficient produce for the world’s growing population and sustainable production methods with reduced use of raw mat

Cultivating vegetables on top of the city The Hague

Agriculture of tomorrow starts on June 29th and 30th in The New Farm. World population and world cities are growing. How can we ensure sufficient food and quality of life? And how can we reach this in

Is Boston the next urban farming paradise?

The city's healthy startup culture is contributing to Boston's rapidly growing reputation as a haven for organic food and urban farming initiatives. Download the press release here.

Greenhouse in the sky: inside Europe’s biggest urban farm

A disused office in The Hague has been revamped as a sprawling rooftop greenhouse, with a fish farm operating on the floor below. Are we entering a new age of urban agriculture? Download the press re

‘Ik verstopte de lift om ze te laten traplopen’

Jaarlijks gaan we daar 60 ton aan groenten, fruit en kruiden produceren en 20 ton aan vis. En dat wordt allemaal lokaal verkocht, aan Haagse consumenten, restaurants en cateraars.   Downloa

Hofstad zoekt antwoord op “wicked problems”

Start-ups in Den Haag willen af van het stoffige imago van de residentie. En ze zijn ambitieus: ze zoeken een uitweg voor de echt grote problemen. Download the press release here.

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