The New Farm Citizens

These pioneers are putting the solutions for tomorrow's food challenges into practice today. They are the citizens of The New Farm. Will your company or start-up be the next to join them?

Urban Farmers

With no less than 1,200 m2, Urban Farmers has the largest rooftop farm in Europe. Using an advanced aquaponics system, they grow vegetables in the greenhouse on the roof. The fertiliser is sourced from the tilapia fish farm on the floor beneath the greenhouse, while the plants purify the water in which the fish live.

Think Vertical

Haagse Zwam

Haagse Zwam is all about the circular economy; in other words, total sustainability of waste streams. Their waste of choice is coffee grounds, which acts as a growth substrate for beautiful oyster mushrooms. This waste is a fresh, clean and local raw material and helps to produce delicious results.

UpTown Greens

Ronald Timmermans is a serial entrepreneur who wants to make a point with his new company UpTown Greens: Vertical (urban) farming is important and a vialble business model. On the 4th floor you can find his farm where he grows several mint varieties for bars and restuarants.


Cooking with produce from The New Farm? It’s now possible. The beautiful cooking studio of Kookfabriek has been housed in The New Farm for 20 years. Catering for groups from 10 to 140 people, it is the perfect location for a culinary activity with friends or colleagues and can also help to nurture business relations.


By cultivating microgreens in an urban environment without using synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, Rebelurbanfarms wants to help change the way food is produced. This localised approach will supply vitamin- and mineral-rich vegetables from farm to fork in the most efficient way and with the lowest possible ecological footprint. Rebelurbanfarms is convinced this can be achieved with microgreens.

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